Happy 41st Birthday in heaven to my beloved husband of 23 years! I still cant believe you have been taken from us so soon, not a day passes that we don’t miss you! If nothing else you will be forever in our hearts though the many endless crazy adventures and loving milestones made together and also with our children ?? You have always been the strong and wiser parent in the relationship, and for that I am thankful, they also knew your love was unconditional and you were always there for them, as it has that helped teach the children to become the good people they are today ? Even though there’s been plenty of ups and downs between us over the years, we always over came them, loved and were there for each other. Fathers Day just wasn’t the same without you here but we still wanted to have a family picnic in yours and Big Doms honor and memory ?

I will be forever grateful for meeting you on that 54c in 1997, creating and raising 3 good hearted and looking children together, and having the opportunity to spend most of my life with you ?Rest with God hon, may he grant you the well needed peace and happiness you deserve ??
Love Always,