Crystal R

I want to wish you a very Happy Heavenly Birthday! 
I’m happy you’re Free from the earthly demons and struggles we all suffer through in everyday life here. I know from a very early age your life was not the easiest and we spent some pretty crazy times together! We lost contact for years but upon reconnecting I discovered that you had an amazing family, a wonderful woman who stuck by your side through thick and thin, amazing children you talked about often and a beautiful granddaughter you loved to brag about!!!! You had all the things in life and consistently talked about getting and staying better for them. I hope they all realize that each and every one of them meant the world to you! I pray for their peace. Even in your death you provided a better life for others through organ donation, through the years I’ve known you it was always you wanting to help someone else. I hope you are looking down at your life partner, your children and granddaughter, your family and friends and helping to guide the way for a better life!! 
Happy Birthday Chris!!!!!