Rest with God dad❤️things might have been shaky these past few years but the love I got for you never changed?. You had a lot going on and I’m sorry if I ever treated you differently in any way. You didn’t have the same mindset at the time and it took me a while to understand that. No matter what you always stood tall and kept your pride, never seen you fall or give up?. Feel like I’m just mad at the world because shit shoulda been different. A lot of people turned their back on you in your hard times but our bond always stayed the same??one day we’ll cross paths again and until then I’m gonna make you proud and hold it down for you❤️I love u dad. From the beginning to the end it was always me and you against the world pop. I’m gonna do my best to take care of the family and be the man you taught me to be. Just know you’ll always be a legend in my eyes, I love you and miss you forever dad and I’m proud to be your son❤️ ~ Gage Machine